The Secret Society that Rules the World — You Can Never Join This Club

A secret society of elusive beings, hidden in plain sight.

Shannon Piérre
3 min readJan 14, 2022


Photo by Justin Luck from Pexels

There is a secret group of beings, that rule the world. And they do so in plain sight.

These beings have a sense of entitlement.

The symbolism is everywhere.

The creatures have been the subject of reverance since early times.

Ancient Egyptian Gods

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Egyptians knew something that we do not.

Seriously, how the heck did the Egyptians create those Pyramids? Clearly, they had some supernatural, otherworldly help.

Was it those that they worshipped? Those beings that were present during the erection of the Great Pyramids. Did this secret society orchestrate the entire construction?

I am talking about Cats.


Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska from Pexels

But there was a problem — they do not speak the same as language as humans.

Although highly telepathic, not everyone can tap into telepathy skills. Have you ever stared into a cat’s eyes? They stare through your soul. Those who practice telepathy (seriously!) claim that cats are among the most telepathic creatures.

Through evolution cats learned how to meow, something cats do not do with each other. A meow is a communicative tool that serves a purpose solely in human communications.

Cats and Dogs

Photo by Tehmasip Khan from Pexels

I am not a cat vs. dogs person — I love animals.

I appreciate the willingness of a dog to serve its master. Similarly, I appreciate serving my master, a cat.



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