How I Earned an Amazing $412.30 in 2.5 Months on Medium, I am Shocked!

No clickbait or tips and tricks; just homemade graphs and statistics.

Shannon Piérre


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

I heard about Medium earnings in September, Redditors made ~$10 monthly. My title is not facetious, I am truly shocked (and grateful) for the past couple of months.

The Medium Merry-Go-Round

Photo by Melanie Vaz on Unsplash

The Medium Merry-Go-Round is when writers get meta. By meta, I mean writing only about writing. It is an easy trap to fall into because writing about writing gets clicks. So does writing about earning money. And many Medium writers make their entire career with writing about writing, money, or both.

How sustainable is writing about writing and writing about money? Time will tell.

No one likes to read an article about a writer earning $100,000, only to learn that the writer did not actually receive such compensation.

Truthfully, I think many writers enjoy seeing the potential earnings of others.
It gives people hope and inspiration. I read an article last month about someone who manifested a $1000 month in December. I have been scouring Medium to find this article but have been unsuccessful in my endeavors thus far.

Suffice to say — I found the article to be galvanizing.

So Far, January Has Been Low Earning

This month, things are not looking great. I have earned ~.70 cents daily.

What is clear about Medium is that this can change in a moment.

First Three Months on Medium

I joined Medium in October and have been on the site for almost three months. Somehow, I got a Top Writer award in my first month; I truly have no idea how.

Although $412 is closer to 400 than 500, I will be optimistic. I never expected that i would earn nearly 500 dollars in 2.5 months!